5 Best Dinosaur VR Games


5 Coolest Dinosaur Virtual Reality Games

5 Best VR Dinosaur Games


Dinosaur fans, rejoice! While it’s impossible for us to study dinosaurs up close (and frankly, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to bring them back to life – we have multiple movies to show this is probably a bad idea), with the magic of virtual technology we can somewhat experience and observe these majestic creatures up close in the form of VR dinosaur games. 


Whether you want to survive the dangers of these creatures, shoot and battle them, or even pet them in the comfort of your own home, there is something for you from these VR dinosaur titles we’ve gathered online. 


Here are the 5 best dinosaur VR games out now. Ready your headsets and dino hats as we delve into the world of dinos! 


Dinosaur VR Games

Robinson: The Journey VR Dinosaur Game

Robinson: The Journey

For PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and SteamVR

What happens when you take Robinson Crusoe and add prehistoric dinosaurs and futuristic space elements? Well, you get Robinson: The Journey, a game about exploration and puzzle-solving with a dinosaur twist.


In this dinosaur VR game, you follow the story of Robin, a young lad who becomes the sole survivor of a spaceship crash. Their spaceship, the Esmeralda, crashes, and lands on the planet Tyson III, which is inhabited by dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. You have to figure out what caused the Esmeralda to crash, so you journey to find the black boxes that have audio recordings and images that reveal the events of the crash.


In your journey, you are joined by a floating AI ball called HIGS and a baby tyrannosaurus rex. Yes, the game has a pet t-rex named James Laika! You can pet Laika and ask him to scare other animals to help with the puzzles.


The game’s strong points are the environments. The areas are detailed and nail the atmosphere well – from Robin’s humble makeshift abode, to lush jungles, scary tar pits, and snow-filled mountains. However, the gameplay side of things can be a struggle at times, with confusing and dizzying puzzles and unforgiving checkpoints that erase a lot of your progress when you die.


Still, exploring the world of Robinson: The Journey and seeing the dinosaurs roaming around is an experience any dinosaur fan should try!


Ark Park VR Dinosaur Game

Ark Park


In a lot of VR dinosaur games, you are dropped off on an unknown island or planet to deal with a dinosaur problem. In Ark Park, you actually get to explore a series of theme park attractions that are focused on dinosaurs and see what it’s like to be a dino researcher!


This interactive adventure game lets you explore the parks on your own or with a group of friends. With over 10 unique scenes, there are a lot of things to explore in the game. In your journeys, you get to collect dino DNA and prehistoric materials, as well as craft items that can help with your research. The DNA and materials are taken back to your research outposts to be exchanged for Engrams that can be used for crafting.


In your tours, you can also come across dinosaur eggs. Raise your very own dinosaur and let it grow big and strong – maybe you can even ride it once grown!


But it’s not just rainbows and sunshine in Ark Park. Not all dinos are docile creatures, and you may come across some hostile creatures who will destroy your outposts. You can team up with other Ark Park visitors for a shooting session to fight off aggro dinos.


Research, dino raising, and a park defense game – Ark Park has it all.


Jungle Dino VR Dinosaur Game

Jungle Dino VR

Fighting off dinosaurs isn’t your cup of tea? Check out Jungle Dino VR. In this game, you get to explore a dinosaur inhabited island filled with 10 different carnivore and herbivore dinosaurs. You simply have to walk around, watch and observe these majestic creatures, all without the stress of fighting or surviving.


Expect to see dinosaurs like Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Pterosaurs, and Tyrannosaurs, as well as huge snakes and spiders. This dinosaur VR game is exciting without the need for combat!


Island 359 VR Dinosaur Game

Island 359


For HTC Vive and Oculus Touch

In Island 359, you are dropped off to an island infested with dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts. It’s not known why they’re on this island, but one thing’s for sure – you’re hired to take down as many of these beasts as you can. Can you hold out against these creatures for long?


This VR survival game will test your resourcefulness, quick thinking, and reflexes, as you look for food, weapons, materials, and other items that can help you survive the island and fight the hordes of dinosaurs that come your way. You set up tents, build campfires, and combine items to make weapons. The weapons you can use in the game range from sticks, bows, knives, to guns and baseball bats.


How long do you think you can survive on Island 359?

Jurassic World Aftermath VR Dinosaur Game

Jurassic World Aftermath


For the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2

Following the events of the 2015 movie Jurassic World, you investigate the ruined dino theme park in Isla Nublar as a security expert named Sam. Apparently, there are questions that need to be answered after the plan of reviving Jurassic Park failed yet again. Your quest is to infiltrate the lab ruins, obtain the needed information, and leave in one piece.


Unfortunately, before even landing at the area, your plane gets compromised by a Pteranodon, and you crash. With no knowledge to navigate the place, you are thankfully assisted by Dr. Mia Everett, who stays behind in the crash due to being injured but helps you offscreen through radio messages. Aside from completing mission objectives from the doctor, you have to stealthily survive the dangerous dinosaurs that now freely roam the area. Hear those steps? Velociraptors are here!


Jurassic World Aftermath is primarily a stealth game with a dash of puzzles here and there. You have to navigate the lab ruins, hide from velociraptors, and figure out puzzles. Waiting for velociraptors to leave might get a bit tedious and too time-consuming, but you get to enjoy the excellent sound design of the game while patiently being stealthy under a table. From dino screeching to light velociraptor tippy taps, the directional audio in this game is amazing.


You also get to enjoy John William’s original score from the movies, as well as performances from some of the original cast, like Jeff Goldblum and BD Wong. This dinosaur VR game is an absolute treat for Jurassic Park fans!

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