Top 10 VR Survival Games


10 Best VR Survival Games

top vr survival games

Survival video games can be quite intense. You have to juggle a lot of elements to survive, like maintaining your health and other stats, gathering resources, crafting items, and fending off enemies. This video game genre can be quite an adrenaline rush.


But if you want to make your regular survival game into an even more exhilarating one, VR survival games are the way to go. Not only can the immersion be better, you get to focus and be in the moment more. If you thought survival games are tough, VR survival games are not for the faint of heart!


Ready to dip your toes into some of this action? We’ve compiled 10 amazing VR survival games for your picking. Let’s dive in!


minecraft questcraft survival vr game

10. Minecraft VR - QuestCraft

The people behind QuestCraft dreamed of playing Minecraft: Java Edition in Oculus Quest Headsets. That dream became a reality through this port. While this isn’t an official release, it does let you play Minecraft in VR. Build your blocky world from the ground up in VR first-person perspective!


You can spend a peaceful time just building and gathering resources in Minecraft. However, things can get hairy when mobs attack all at once – especially at night! It’s why Minecraft is one of the VR survival games featured here. Only in Minecraft can blocks get pretty scary!


a township tale vr survival game

9. A Township Tale

In this VR RPG medieval fantasy game, you get to revive an abandoned town with other players. There is no rigid story or strict quest lines to follow, but you do have to learn how to work together with others to form your own society and explore dungeons. 


The aspect of A Township Tale that steals the spotlight is the crafting profession. If you’ve ever wanted to smith your own sword VR-style, this game will let you experience that and more! You get to mine ores, cut trees for wood, and plant seeds on the ground.


But this game wouldn’t be in our VR survival games list if it didn’t have combat. While out exploring new lands and gathering resources, you will run into enemies and monsters. Use a multitude of weapons – from swords, bows, and axes, to throwing knives and dynamites – to protect your friends and the resources you’ve gathered.


no man's sky vr survival game

8. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has come a long way since its launch. It had some bumps when it was just released, and when VR was implemented it wasn’t immediately smooth sailing. But now in its current state and after many (and on-going) patches, it is a solid title to add to your VR survival games list.


In No Man’s Sky, you get to explore the vast universe at your own pace. Get a Starship, mine fuel, and traverse from one star system to another to see new planets, species, and resources. Watch out for hostile flora and fauna, as well as mysterious Sentinels, as they will make your space journey quite tough.


the forest vr survival game

7. The Forest

What happens when you combine one of the scariest games in existence and VR? Well, you get one of the most intense VR survival games out there with The Forest VR.


In The Forest, you end up as the only surviving passenger in a plane crash. Unfortunately, where you crashed is not the most ideal of places, as it is filled with cannibalistic mutants out to get you. VR amps up the atmosphere and creepiness of the game, and a simple jumpscare from seeing your enemies at an actual scale in front of you becomes a spine-chilling ordeal. 


valheim vr survival game

6. Valheim

In Valheim, you are thrown into a viking-inspired purgatory where you fight and grapple your way against Odin’s enemies to get your well-deserved afterlife. It is currently an Early Access Game on Steam, with a lot of positive reviews recommending it as one of the hottest upcoming VR survival games in recent years.


star shelter vr survival game

5. Star Shelter

In a graveyard of broken space stations, you have to survive by gathering resources and crafting things. Space is unforgiving, and even a simple floating debris can take you out.


Star Shelter is one of the first VR survival games with classic survival mechanics. You have to manage your hunger, oxygen, sleep, and power to come out of it alive. It was created with VR in mind, so you’re assured it’ll be a game chock-full of proper VR integration.



subnautica vr survival game

4. Subnautica

While space and post-apocalyptic areas are terrifying, the underwater world is equally chilling. In Subnautica, you explore the waters of an alien planet. And while it’s a serene experience watching fish and coral reefs, some creatures from the depths should never be disturbed.


With VR, Subnautica’s VR survival game aspect amps up. Swimming never felt so suffocating. 


into the radius vr survival game

3. Into The Radius VR

A quiet Soviet mining town gets shaken up when a mysterious event transforms their area into a blighted creepy wasteland.


For VR survival games veterans who are looking for something new and exciting, Into The Radius VR might be the game that’ll shake you up again. Filled with surreal but unforgiving environments and mysterious anomalies that can be fatal, your next step inside the Pechorsk Radius zone might be your last.


surv1v3 vr survival game

2. Surv1v3

How well do you think you can handle a zombie apocalypse? With Surv1v3, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Specifically designed for VR, this zombie VR survival game immerses you in a fast-paced, zombie-fighting situation where you shoot your way out of the apocalypse, if you don't have a vr gun stock controller now would be a good time to grab one! 


You can play it alone or with your buddies, and it offers different game modes. When the going gets tough, making the zombie apocalypse a bit more fun with friends is totally understandable.


So, do you think you can survive Surv1v3?


cosmodread vr survival game

1. Cosmodread

The vastness of space can be terrifying, and that fear can turn into a harrowing experience when you are left trapped in a dying spaceship filled with unknown horrors. Your best bet is to find a way back to Earth, but surviving in space is tough when no one can hear you scream.


In this scary rogue-like VR survival game, Cosmodread hits all the right nails to make it a new classic for VR horror game fans. The tension is palpable, the setting is unique, and the enemies are actually threatening. You win this list, Cosmodread!

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