How to Use VR for Xbox One

How to use VR for Xbox One

VR How to Guide for Xbox One 

VR is a brand new technology, so there are quite a few things you don't know. The good news is that we've compiled this list to help with the most common questions you have about VR for Xbox One. So, why not read on and learn what you can do with this exciting technology?

Best VR Headsets for Xbox

The Xbox One has been around for a long time, and it's still one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market. But what if you could bring your virtual reality (VR) experience to your Xbox One? 

Oculus Quest 2

You're in luck if you've been looking for a new VR headset and Xbox One! Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best VR headsets for Xbox One because it's a standalone headset that doesn't require a PC, meaning less time spent setting things up and more time playing games. It has a high resolution compared to previous generations, so you'll feel like you're there. Oculus Quest 2 is available starting at $299. 

HTC Vive 

HTC Vive is one of the best VR headsets for Xbox One because it's easy to use and adaptable. The graphics are smooth, even when there are many enemies on screen at once or when there's a lot of action going on around you. 

The low latency will keep you from feeling nauseous after playing for more than a few minutes. The game library is extensive, with over 1,000 games available for purchase or download through SteamVR. There's something for everyone here. 

The only cons are: there is no built-in audio (you'll have to buy headphones separately), and it requires lots of space (at least 2 meters by 1 meter). The HTC Vive is available for $178. 

Oculus Rift

If you're looking for a VR headset compatible with your Xbox One, Oculus Rift is the best to go with. Room tracking built-in allows you to move around your entire play area without external sensors. Touch controllers are also included. And it has an extensive game library that's sure to please any gamer. 

The only downsides are that it's not standalone like Oculus Quest 2 (which means it needs a PC or gaming console), and it's expensive due to its being discontinued in 2021. The cost of a new Oculus Rift is $1,399.99. 

Playstation VR

The Playstation VR is a headset compatible with all Xbox One consoles and offers an immersive, high-quality display that makes your games come to life.

Its big HD 1080p display gives you a clear view of everything in your game, whether racing around a track or exploring a fantasy world. And its OLED screen displays at 120 fps for incredibly smooth transitions between frames.

The Playstation VR for Xbox One also offers 3D audio technology that lets you hear sounds from all around you—so if an enemy approaches from behind, you'll be able to listen to them before they get too close!

While some headsets offer higher resolution lenses or better visual clarity (depending on what kind of games you play), this headset still provides an excellent overall experience when playing video games on your Xbox One. It's available bundled with the Iron Man VR game for $375.95. 

Other VR Headsets for Xbox One

There are a lot of different Xbox One VR headsets out there, but we're going to be looking at some that are more mobile-friendly. 

Samsung Gear VR

If you don’t want to spend as much money but still want a high-quality headset that works well with your Xbox One VR, we recommend checking out the Samsung Gear VR with Controller Bundle. It was one of our top picks last year because it’s affordable while still providing an excellent user experience when playing games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in virtual reality mode! You can get it for $95 with Amazon Prime.

Homido VR 

The Homido VR works with Xbox One and the most popular smartphone brands and operating systems, and it has a wide range of adjustment options. It will work with iOS, Windows, or Android. You can adjust the object distance and pupil distance, providing a good experience for both games and movies. 

The soft foam padding is comfortable for long gaming sessions and gives you a great field of view, but if you want even more comfort, you can add an extra sponge that comes in the box. The only drawback is that this headset doesn't have as high-quality graphics as other options since the Xbox One VR-compatible headset is just $66.89. 

How to Setup VR Headsets for Xbox One 

Setting up your VR headset for the Xbox One is not as complicated as it might seem. First, make sure that your headset is charged and ready to go. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the headset is connected to the console via HDMI cable or Bluetooth pairing.  
  2. Make sure your console is on and set to one of the following settings: TV Mode or Game Mode. If you're using a VR headset made by Oculus, you'll have to enable Direct Mode to work correctly with your Xbox One. 
  3. Put on your headset and adjust its straps to snug against your face—but not too tight!
  4. Press the Sync button on your controller.

(Setup will vary slightly for each virtual reality headset and manufacturer.)


So, you've got a VR headset and an Xbox One. Now what? 

The first thing to do is get your headset ready for use. That means setting up the controllers, calibrating your headset, and making sure that you can connect it to your Xbox One. 

Once you're all set up, you can start playing games with your VR headset on! There are tons of great games available, and we also covered the best VR headsets that are compatible with the Xbox One. We hope it has been helpful. 

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