10 Best VR Gun Controllers

Top VR Gun Controllers for Oculus

10 Best VR Gun Stock Controllers

VR games are meant to be immersive and intense in a good way. Regular games on the PC can feel all the more engaging in VR, and this is even more true for shooting or FPS games.

Shooting games are some of the most played VR games, and for those who enjoy the genre a lot and are trying to get the best experience playing these games, it’s important to have a good VR gun controller. These awesome accessories can add to the immersion and improve your gaming experience, as well as make you use your VR controllers in a more controlled and less tiring way.

Because of the boom of FPS VR games, the market has recently been flooded with a ton of new VR gun controllers and Oculus gun options, and it’s understandable if you’re overwhelmed with the choices you have now. 

In this article, we’ve come up with the 10 best VR gun controllers available, listed in no particular order. We considered important factors that make a VR gun controller good, which will be discussed below as well.

Best VR Gun Controllers

Sanlaki Magnetic Rifle Gunstock

Sanlaki VR gun controller

Source: Sanlaki Website

If excellent aesthetics is something you consider in a VR gun controller, you'll love the Sanlaki Magnetic Rifle Gunstock. With its sleek design, it actually looks like a gun, which helps big-time with immersion. This also has an upgraded buttstock design that lets you strongly pull it against your shoulder which really helps accuracy. 

For those looking for an Oculus or Meta gun controller, this particular gunstock has a dual magnet mount for Quest 2 devices and allows you to play with more weapons and guns in games like Onward.

Head over to Sanlaki’s online shop and get 10% off these awesome gun stocks for a being an ROV reader!


HelloReal SnowFox Pro / Meta Quest 2

helloreal SNOWFOX PRO / META QUEST 2 gun controller


Source: HelloReal Website


Considered by many to be the ultimate VR pistol gun controller based on performance and price, the HelloReal SnowFox Pro for Quest 2 has a one of a kind adjustable weight system to fit perfectly with your style of gameplay and enhance the realism factor.

The SnowFox Pro has an uber-realistic design, that is sure to enhance immersion and also help make you feel like a genuine shooter. It also features a unique side lock feature that ensures a perfect connection to your controllers. All these features and more make it perfect for playing your favorite FPS games like Contractors, Onward, and more.

Head over to their website to check it out for yourself. Use code ROV to get 5% off for being a Reality of Virtual reader!


MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 2


magtube vr gun stock


Source: ProTubeVR


From the innovators over at ProTubeVR. Regarded the preferred Esport brand and a standard gunstock for a lot of VR shooting games, the MagTube is quite popular among VR gun controller fans for its flexibility, adjustability, and durability. It’s compatible with a lot, if not all, VR FPS games, so its customizability is definitely a plus.

While it is one of the more expensive stocks out there, it doesn't take long to see that the amazing is easily worth the cost. If you're serious about VR first person shooters you'll love it for its movable joints and tough parts, in that respect it really can’t be beat. You can buy it here


Bowk’s JB Signature Series, a.k.a. The BowkStock

Bowkstock VR gun stock


Source: BowkVR

For the purists who simply want a very lightweight VR gun controller with no additional bells and whistles to distract you, check out Bowk’s classic The BowkStock.

It has a set positioning, meaning you only have to learn and be familiar with one single position for this controller, and you raise it the same way every time. Muscle memory will go far with your accuracy. 

At 150 grams, it’s one of the lightest gunstocks on the market, which will give less fatigue to your arms and make you hold an angle longer. With its stiff design, you don’t have to worry about controller sway too.

Simple, no fuss, light, and comes in multiple colors – check it out here.

Esimen VR Game Gun

pistol gun stock

Source: Esimen Amazon page

For a good pistol Oculus gun controller add-on, give the Esimen VR Game Gun a whirl. It claims to give the player a feel of an actual pistol when playing shooting games. With its improved ergonomics and balance, better center of gravity, and good weight ratio, it’ll help with your accuracy and won’t be too straining for your arms.

Aside from adding more immersion due to its pistol feel, the white color blends well with Oculus controllers as well. You can purchase it through here on Amazon.

ProVolver for Meta Oculus Quest 2

provolver pistol vr gun stock

Source: ProTubeVR

Is a pistol your main primary weapon in VR games? If so, the ProVolver is guaranteed to give you an incredible in-game gun experience! With its moving breech-lock, excellent simulated vibration haptics, and a realistic feeling weight, you'll experience full immersion in any FPS game.

The haptics are so realistic on the Provolver it allows you to feel different effects depending on the weapon or firing modes. It feels different for single shots, full auto, bursts, or even for laser attacks. They've really gone all out with this one and it pays off big time. Get one or two over at ProTubeVR.

ForceTube for Meta Oculus Quest 2

vr gun stock controller


Source: ProTubeVR

Feeling the vibrations and feedback from your gunstock can bring in game immersion to the next level and enhances the realism of first person shooters. With the ForceTube, it comes as a pre-assembled gunstock with a top of the line haptic module. So when you’re shooting in the game, you can feel the recoil and impact on your shoulder with every shot.

This Oculus 2 ready gun controller represents the future of VR shooting technology and is a front runner for serious VR gamers. With enormous compatibility across multiple platforms and games, the ForceTube is an easy choice. 

You can get it here.

Kobra Wolverine DMR Gunstock

vr gun stock

Source: Kobra VR

The Kobra VR Gunstocks are one of the most immersive VR gun controllers out in the market, so if immersion is a big factor for you then you can’t go wrong with this stock. It has very good ergonomics, with adjustable cheek raiser, as well as good weight. It excels the most when you want to immerse yourself while playing with pump shotguns and rapid fire rifles. 

Head over to Kobra VR on Etsy to see their products.


Bowk Marksman

Bowkman VR gun stock

Source: BowkVR


This is Bowk’s Signature Series and their most advanced gunstock yet. With an adjustable cheek weld, light weight to avoid arm fatigue, rigid durability, and preset positions for fast switching, you’ll have a fun time with the Bowk Marksman.

With the customizable cheek weld, it can help with your accuracy when shooting long range. It gives you a very good reference point when you switch from a low ready position to shooting. Head over to Bowk’s website to see it.

Glistco Magni Stock

glistco vr gun stock


Source: Glistco

If you’re looking for an Oculus gun stock with very fast installation and assembly, and with strong magnets to boot, try the Glistco Magni VR Gunstock on your next FPS session. It claims to improve your accuracy with its better alignment, and its light-as-a-feather weight won’t tire your arms out.

It also has adjustable straps and buckles so you can strap it to your body. Add in carbon fiber that makes its matte finish quite sleek, and you have a pretty good gunstock in your hands. Check it out on Amazon here.

Qualities of a Good VR Gun Controller

A good VR gun controller can give you the simulated feeling of using a real gun,  this experience enhances gameplay as well as increases your ability to feel totally immersed in your first person shooter. There are a lot of factors that go into this experience, the following are considerations when looking buy your next VR gunstock.

Proper Accuracy

When shooting things, accuracy is definitely important. When properly positioned, your VR controllers should align with the VR gun controller stock. When it’s a bit off, it will definitely feel off when you’re playing, and it can bother you throughout your game. Most stocks take a little bit of time to get accustomed to the new firing position as well as to fine tune your alignment to be sure things are just right. After a few hours playing you should start feeling more natural and should start seeing your accuracy increase.

Quick Response Time

Shooting games will test your reflexes and response time when you fire back at your enemies. If your VR gun controller will hinder your movement and response time, it will definitely hinder you from enjoying your game too.

Haptic Feedback

Haptics are the vibrations simulated from actual game play. These can happen while firing, or even when loading or experiencing nearby explosions or taking damage. In a controller the subtle sensations, vibrations, and rumblings that are generated from your controller or guns stock might seem trivial to some people, but it can really increase your immersion when you're playing your favorite first person shooter VR games. For this reason haptics are seen as the pinnacle of VR realism, so expect to pay more for gunstocks that provide this awesome gaming experience.


A controller’s weight can affect your movement. If your Oculus gun is too heavy, your arms will eventually feel tired. If it’s too light, you end up moving too much or miscalculating your movement as well as losing realism. We've specially chosen the top gun stocks that we feel are the best combination of realism and ease of use.

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