Best VR Haptic Suit For Oculus Meta Quest 2

Best VR Haptic Vests and Suits of 2023

Best VR Haptic Suits

So you’re looking to improve your VR experience with your Oculus Meta Quest 2 by getting a haptic vest. A sound decision, fellow VR enthusiast. But if you’re not sure which one to pick, set your worries aside as we help you find the best haptic vest for your VR gaming adventures.

We’ve found six amazing haptic vests that will give you exactly what you’re looking for. We looked at their tech, performance, and price point, as well as their general pros and cons, and recommended them accordingly.

But before we do a deep dive into the world of haptic vests, let’s learn what it is and the reasons VR gamers are eager to get one.

What is a Haptic Suit?

A haptic vest is a wearable VR accessory that gives off haptic feedback to your body. It is also called a haptic suit, tactile suit, or a VR suit.

It gives off sensations and vibrations that mimic real-life feelings of certain actions happening in your VR game. Getting a kick or a punch in the torso, hit by an arrow or a bullet, or the sensation of being clawed by a zombie are now possible with these haptic vests. This is the future, folks.

Why Buy a Haptic Vest?


The biggest reason for getting a haptic vest is the ridiculous amount of immersion. When actions happening on your screen translate to real-life sensations, your VR experience gets a massive immersion boost.

You will get to feel attacks, vibrations from explosions, and even wind gusts. These haptic feedbacks don’t just happen on your controllers anymore, you can now feel it on your body. That’s pretty immersive!

Trying New Technology

When you’re a VR enthusiast, there’s a certain joy you get when trying out and supporting fresh VR gadgets. You are on the cusp of the tech growing, plus you get to try something new!

It’s also a great feeling knowing you’re supporting developers who are pushing VR tech forward. Lets gooo!

Best Haptic Vest

Below, we’ve listed 6 haptic vests that are considered the best on the market right now, with the first option being our most recommended.

bHaptics TactSuit X40

Bhaptics Tactsuit X40 VR Haptic Suit

For the best haptic vest that does what it says on the box, available right now without preordering, and won’t empty your wallet, look no further than the tried-and-true, ever so reliable, bHaptics TactSuit X40.

The TactSuit X40 boasts 40 haptic motors or feedback points all over the vest. You can be sure to feel sensations and vibrations on the front and back of the vest. There are even haptic patterns that are unique and tweaked depending on the VR game. 

And yep, it’s compatible with a lot of VR games and VR headsets, so rest assured you can easily pair this with your Quest 2. With its Bluetooth connectivity, connecting with it is easy, fast, and wireless.

If you need more info on compatibility, you can also check that out here for games and VR headsets that can link with it.

To sum it up, this haptic vest works well, is famous in the VR community already, has excellent support from developers, and has a price point that relatively won’t break the bank. When you consider all these factors, it’s really easy to recommend the TactSuit X40 as the best haptic vest available right now.

Pros: Works well; lots of technical support

Cons: competitively priced

Check the current price for the TactSuit X40 on Amazon.

Tesla Suit

Tesla VR Haptic Suit

For the best of the best haptic experiences, feast your eyes on the Tesla Suit.

The Tesla Suit is not just a simple haptic vest. It’s actually a full suit that can give the ultimate haptic feedback, as well as act as a motion capture suit and monitor biometrics.

Its full body haptic feedback system uses two kinds of technology, which are Electro Muscle Stimulation and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. 

The Electro Muscle Stimulation or EMS uses electrical impulses that can stimulate your muscles. Similarly, the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS sends low-voltage electric currents to your muscles. It’s not just motor vibrations here, folks.

Don’t worry, these don’t really hurt or damage your muscles and are in fact used in clinics and treatment facilities to reduce pain or strengthen weak muscles. For the Tesla Suit, the EMS and TENS give it a range of close to real-life sensations instead. It can even help with muscle memory.

From features alone, Tesla Suit seems to be the highest tech haptic suit out right now. However, be ready to pay for that one of a kind haptic experience..

As you might be guessing the Tesla Suit aint cheap. Right now, the Tesla Suit Developer Kit is over $12k. It’s definitely not chump change, this suit is going to be adored and used by serious gamers and pros, but if you have the money for it, go ahead, live your haptic vest dreams!

Pros: High-tech haptic feedback

Cons: Very high price

Order it through

bHaptics TactSuit X16

Bhaptics x16 VR Haptic Suit

Just because your budget’s a bit tighter, that doesn’t mean you should skip on getting a haptic vest. If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper option of bHaptics’ X40, the X16 has you covered.

You could think of the TactSuit X16 as X40’s little brother. It has 16 motors or feedback points instead of 40, it’s shorter in length, and lightweight. But that doesn’t mean quality is compromised!

The X16 still works like the X40, only with fewer feedback points. The 16 motors are spread out around the vest and give immersive vibrations and sensations when you play. bHaptics suits are compatible with a lot of VR games and VR headsets, so you know you’re all set when it comes to VR games.

Its lighter weight can also be great for people who can’t wear the X40 for too long, meaning you get more hours in VR. Win-win in our book.

And for around $300! It’s affordable, it’s compatible, and it works amazingly well, making the TactSuit X16 one of the best haptic vests out there, especially if you’re new to haptics.

Pros: Great price

Cons: Less feedback points than other haptic vests

Get the best price and fast shipping on Amazon.

OWO Haptic Suit

OWO vr haptic skin suit

We are so stoked about this one! The OWO Haptic Skin is pushing the boundaries of wearable haptics and has the goal to help you feel everything in VR!

We are really excited about this company and their innovative skin suit. This vest doesn’t just give you soft rumbles and gentle vibrations – if you get hit in the game, you’ll definitely know it through the vest! 

The OWO Haptic Vest tries to mimic over 30 different sensations to make your VR immersion infinitely better. It uses electric stimuli that touch directly on your skin. Driving? You’ll feel the drift. Freefalling? Yep, the vest can mimic that sensation. Getting dagger wounds? Hoo boy, get ready for the zap.

The vest looks more like a zipped up shirt. It has to really fit well on your body and skin for the stimuli to properly work. It’s definitely not a “one-size fits all” situation like the other vests, so that be sure to get the correct size.

On the bright side, the zaps can definitely help with muscle memory and learning from mistakes, and that alone makes this one of the best haptic vests for VR gaming right now. 

It’s similar to the Tesla Suit, but at a relatively affordable price point. It’s not the cheapest vest, but for the tech included it’s a great bang for the buck.

Jump over to their site now and secure your spot (limited slots) to be one of the first people to experience this amazing pioneering haptic tech!

Pros: Unique tech with electric stimuli

Cons: Have to pre-order

Get it here

Woojer Vest 3

Woojer VR Haptic Suit

Another haptic vest that’s eager to corner the VR game market is Woojer’s Vest 3

The Woojer Vest 3 has a powerful and accurate haptic experience thanks to its new Osci TRX2 transducers. These six oscillators are strategically placed around the vest – two on the front straps, two on the sides, and two on the back.

They operate independently to give an intuitive and a 360-degree full surround haptic feedback experience. It might not have the same number of motors as the other vests, but it still delivers on the haptics. The haptics can be controlled with its integrated control panel with tactile buttons.

The Vest 3’s vibrations and sensations might not be as detailed as the other full vests and suits. It’s also just a pair of straps on the front instead of a full vest, but ultimately this can be a good thing for others due to its lighter weight, which also lends to more in-game mobility. 

The Woojer Vest 3 is currently priced around $500 and is only open for pre-order at the moment. But Woojer has assured that it will restock very soon.

Pros: Six oscillators; lightweight

Cons: Fewer haptic points than other vests; pre-order

Grab the Woojer Vest 3 through Woojer’s website.

Skinetic Haptic Vest

Skinetic VR Haptic Vest

The haptic vest market is dominated by the ever reliable BHaptics suits – for a good reason. However, newcomer Skinetic has entered the field and is trying their best to shake things up for haptic vest enthusiasts.

The Skinetic haptic vest has 20 voice-coil motors strategically placed and spread all over the vest. The developers mention that they’ve observed and studied the different sensitive points of the body to know where to place the motors for an optimized and highly immersive experience.

Reviewers have noticed that the motors feel like subwoofers, have a solid feeling – not just simple vibrations, and show a promising range. Like other vests, it’s also wireless, has bluetooth connectivity, and includes native support with Quest headsets. 

While Skinetic is fairly new to the game their haptic vest is shaping up to be a real competitor. VR enthusiasts are looking forward to seeing it grow and support a multitude of VR games in the future.

Pros: Huge range of available haptic sensations

Cons: New tech and higher price

Get it from

Go out and get your VR Haptic Suit Today

Now that you've seen the best VR Haptic suits on the market, it’s time to decide which one is the best fit for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative or want the most immersive experience, these top VR haptic vests can be your ticket to an incredible gaming session in virtual reality. So what are you waiting for – go and get your suit now!

Tune in for more reviews, tech innovations, and news from the world of VR gaming. Until then – happy gaming!

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