30 Coolest Oculus Quest 2 Stickers

30 of Our Favorite Oculus Quest 2 Stickers

30 Coolest Oculus Quest 2 Stickers


When you play VR games, it’s just you, your headset over your eyes, and the game. It doesn’t look like much from an outsider’s view. If you want to add some fun to your Oculus Quest 2 headset, we might be able to help.

Add a little color and personality to your headsets with these Oculus Quest 2 decals. We picked the most fun, creative, trendy, and unique Oculus Quest 2 stickers we can find. Let’s get stylish while we game, shall we?

Our Favorite Oculus Quest Skins

Black decal

30. Solid State Black Decal

You can’t go wrong with a classic jet black decal.


acid trip decal

29. Acid Trippy Decal

If you want to trip out whoever’s watching you play, get this Oculus Quest 2 sticker. Whoa!


blue ink decal

28. Blue Ink Floral Decal

Love flowers? You can make your Oculus Quest bloom with this!


aurora decal

27. Aurora Decal

Add an ethereal feel to your headset with this decal.

speed man decal

26. Speed Man Decal

Superhero fan? Let me introduce you to Speed Man.


anime decal

27. Anime fan Decal

Here’s a cute and sorta inconspicuous way to show your love for anime.


banana decal

26. Bananas Decal

That’s some good potassium.


policebox decal

25. Police Box Decal

You can’t travel through space and time with Oculus Quest 2 decals, but you can show your Whovian side while you game. Fantastic!


space llama decal

24. Llama Constellation Decal

My star sign? Llama.


basketball decal

23. 23 Vs 33 Decal

Basketball fans, we got your sticker right here.


cloaked darkside star wars decal

22. Cloaked Emperor Decal

Terrifying! But for Star Wars fans, I’m sure he’s telling you to dew it.


pink decal

20. Cotton Cloud Decal

Make your Oculus Quest as cute as cotton candy and as fluffy as a cloud.


charmed decal

19. Charmed Decal

This is one of our favs, almost like you've got kaleidoscopes in your eyes.


retro gamer decal

18. Retro Horizontal Decal

Show your love for retro games with this decal.


galaxy cat decal

17. Galaxy Cat Decal

Be a cool cat while you game with this Oculus Quest 2 sticker.


cosmic pizza cat decal

16. Cosmic Pizza Cat Decal

What’s better than a cat? Pizza cat!


sketch floral decal

15. Sketch Flowers Lily Decal

Some of these Oculus Quest 2 decals can prettify your headset.


starry night decal

14. Starry Night Decal

Vincent Van Gogh would be proud. And would probably game with you too.


wave decal

13. Great Wave of Kanagawa Decal

Add a splash of cultured coolness with this sticker.

spiderman decal

12. Webslinger Decal

Here’s a nice way to lowkey show your Spider-man inner fan.

carbon decal

11. Carbon Decal

Sturdy, cool, and clean-looking.

rosewood decal

10. Dark Rosewood Decal

A classy look for your headset.

blushed floral decal

09. Blushed Flowers Decal

The delicate watercolor flowers are pretty to behold.

outer space decal

08. Outer Space Decal

Capture the vastness of space in this design.

evac decal

07. EVAC Decal

Danger warning: design too cool!

violet stars decal

06. Violet Stars Decal

The beauty and simplicity of space is shown on this decal. Stunning!

electrify decal

05. Electrify Ice Blue Decal

It’s cool and electrifying at the same time.

exo neptune decal

04. EXO Neptune Decal

The future is now. 

cosmic ray decal

03. Cosmic Ray Decal

Just one sticker? How about a mural of Oculus Quest 2 stickers!

black gold marble decal

02. Black Gold Marble Decal

It’s like fancier marble!

white marble decal

01. White Marble Decal

The simple elegance of this design makes it stand out from the rest.

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