Best VR Chairs for Oculus Meta Quest 2

Best VR Chair for Virtual Reality Gaming

Best VR Gaming Chairs

When you think about VR gaming, you probably imagine standing around, moving your legs, and maybe even running forward, while trying not to break any furniture.

But sometimes, after a long day, you just want to sink into a chair and play. There might be times where you have the stamina to play a few hours standing up, but eventually the knees get weak and the back gets achy.

The solution? VR chairs.

Having a trusty VR chair to pair with your Oculus Meta Quest 2 is a good bonus to have, maybe even a necessity for the modern VR gamer. In this article, we’ll be looking into 5 of the best VR chairs available right now. Not only can these chairs provide comfort and support, they can also enhance immersion.

But before we talk about the best VR Gaming chairs, let’s see what makes a chair great for VR.

VR Chairs: A Quick Guide


Comfort is king when it comes to chairs, and a VR chair is no different. You have to make sure that your VR chair can let you comfortably sit for long periods of time.

Other comfort features you need to check are customizable or directional armrests, spine or back support, and good headrests.

Swivel and Lean-Friendly

You might be wondering why a VR chair needs to swivel and lean. The answer? Ease of movement. 

VR gaming can be quite different from regular PC or console gaming. With VR gaming, you sometimes need to flail your arms, move your legs, and turn around to make sure your not getting sneak attacked.

These can all be comfortably done if your VR chair can swivel and lean without letting you fall over. It’s a bonus on immersion too!


Speaking of immersion, it’s another aspect you need to consider when buying a VR chair. Some VR chairs help you with movement, give you in-game feedback with vibrations, and even provide a surround sound experience with built-in speakers. All of these special features can really make you feel like you're right there in the game.


The kind of material and how it’s made are definitely important. 

Whether you want real leather, faux leather, mesh, or fabric, make sure that the chair suits your needs and comfort. It’s also very important to consider the maximum weight the chair can support.

Size and Space

Lucky enough to have a spacious gaming room? You can easily go for the big and bulky VR chairs! Is space an issue? No worries, there are smaller VR chairs that should squeeze into your space no problem.

Make sure to measure your gaming space and buy a VR chair that fits the space you have.

Best VR Chairs

Homall Gaming, High Back, Virtual Reality Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Vr chair

Plan on gaming for a few hours? You need a gaming chair that supports you in all the right places. There’s a reason the Homall gaming chair is one of the best selling gaming chairs on Amazon.

This gamer chair is the perfect mix of ergonomics and affordability, it’s made with comfort, back support and your wallet in mind. Even the work from home crowd is jumping on this chair, after all sitting for 8 hours working can really make your body ache if you don’t have the right chair. So you could say its been well tested by tons of desk sitters and gamers clocking in hundreds of hours of sitting. So if you're prone to having long VR gaming sessions with your Quest 2, this chair can go the distance. 

The Homall gaming chair has a padded backrest for back support for your lower back, 360-degree swivel, a great recline and a 300-pound weight capacity. 

The low profile armrests leave enough room that you can move your arms, giving you more mobility when playing, while the 360-degree swivel will help with turning as well. 

And the best part? It won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You also don’t need to pre-order or sign on a waitlist to purchase. It’s even stylish and modern despite its affordable price.

It’s truly perfect for VR gamers who want the best bang for their buck with their VR chair.

Pros: Affordable, supportive for hours of gaming

Cons: No additional VR features

Check it out on Amazon.

X Rocker SE Pro Lounging Pedestal Chair

X Rocker SE Pro Vr Gaming Chair


If you want to feel fully immersed with your game’s music and sound effects, treat your ears and your VR gamer heart with X Rocker’s SE Pro gaming chair.

Ergonomic-wise, it has proper lumbar and neck support with its padded backrest, padded headrests, and cushioned seats. The armrests can be moved if you want them out of the way.

For movement, this VR chair’s base can let you swivel and tilt. Its recommended weight support is 240 pounds, so keep that in mind when you’re moving a lot in VR.

But the ultimate highlight of this chair is its audio. This VR chair incorporates wireless audio connection, built-in speakers, and embedded subwoofers. 

Two speakers are placed close to the headrest, enhancing your audio experience. Meanwhile, the subwoofers are placed inside your backrest, making you feel the rumbling and bass of your game’s sfx or OST. Enhanced immersion? You bet.

Connecting and linking the chair’s audio system to your gaming console is easy as well. You won’t need wires due to its wireless transmitter, eliminating any problems with wire tangles. However, if you wish to use wires, RCA cables are provided.

If you have other X Rocker SE Pro chairs, you can link all of them to the same audio source. This is great for when you’re gaming with friends and family.

However, there are some downsides to consider. This is a low-sitting gaming chair, which might not be something that fits your set up. Although it’s comfy enough for one reviewer to nap on, there are other chairs that have better ergonomics.

Some aspects of it might feel a bit outdated. It’s definitely not X Rocker’s latest gaming chair, but it is the highest rated among their chairs and has stood the test of time.

Still, at its price point and the features it offers, this is an awesome VR gaming chair. Most importantly, if audio is an important aspect for you, the X Rocker SE Pro Lounging Pedestal Chair is the VR chair for you.

Pros: Audio features; added immersion

Cons: Low-sitting

Get yours today through X Rocker’s shop or from Amazon.

VRGO VR Chair and VRGO Mini

VRGO VR gaming Chair

The VRGO VR Chair offers a way for you to move in VR without any input from joypads, keyboard, or mouse.

So how do you move without any controller input? Simple – all you have to do is tilt while sitting on the chair.

Yep, it’s called VRGO’s tilt-to-move system. To move in your VR game, you simply lean to the direction you want to move. Leaning forward or backwards on the chair will make your character walk, while leaning left or right will make you strafe.

If you’re worried that you’ll fall over if you lean too much, VRGO’s developers assure its users that their VR chairs have self-righting technology. The chairs will always reposition itself upright to give you stability. 

You can also change its leaning sensitivity so you don’t have to lean too much. This VR chair will connect through bluetooth, so it’s wireless and tangle-free.

At 17.5 inches in height, the chair isn’t that big and is perfect for VR gaming rooms of any size. It even has extra storage space inside for your VR headset and other tiny gadgets.

If that's not cool enough check out the VRGO Mini, this awesome chair device can be used to turn any regular gaming chair into the ultimate VR chair.

Pros: Hands-free; space-saver

Cons: Height might be too low

Get this awesome VR chair on their website

Yaw VR Chairs

YAW 2 VR Gaming Chair

For insane amounts of immersion, where you get rocked and shaken in your seat, the Yaw VR chairs can’t be beat.

The Yaw VR gaming chairs are essentially motion simulators. The chair moves according to what’s happening in your game. If you’re driving in the game and it gets bumpy, then you’ll feel it jolt around. If you drift too much, then you’ll feel the chair lean in sync with the direction.

Yaw VR’s version one, which was the Yaw1, which looks super cool, like a big bowl with front pedals that you sit in. It’s currently out of stock, but check out the  Yaw2 which looks like is has some improved features.

Yaw2 Pro provides a sleek ergonomic chair, front pedal support, and even a table where you can put other VR peripherals like a steering wheel or a keyboard and mouse.

It has a roll 40-degree and pitch 70-degree for its motion range, as well as a 360-degree platform motion range. Its max weight capacity is 287 lbs.

These incredible features don't come cheap, but one spin on this thing and you'll know instantly that this is truly the ultimate VR gaming chair. It’s currently on pre-order at the moment.

Pros: High immersion, full simulation

Cons: Higher price; pre-order only

Check it out today and Pre-Order yours through Yaw VR’s site.

Roto VR Chair


If you're serious about VR you gotta check out Roto VR, (there are 2 options, one for home and one for business). The Roto VR team is on a mission to reimagine the gaming chair and have created an incredibly innovative Active VR Chair. That's right, the Roto VR Chair actually adds to and enhances the play mechanics of your favorite VR Games. These innovative chairs combine a lot of things that make the previous chairs great – plus more, making it our pick for one of the best VR chairs available.

Comfort? Its ergonomic features have considered different VR needs, which is why the armrest can be removed and the headrest is adjustable.

Immersion? You won't find a more immersive VR gaming experience than with the Roto VR Chair. Its internal motors try to remove that out-of-body experience feeling by putting subtle G-force while you’re in the chair, so you feel like you really are inside the game. It also has top-tier haptic technology that offers a full body immersive experience with every bump and movement in your game.

It's also been designed to lessen motion-sickness, which is a big problem in VR gaming. It has incredible technology that tracks your face directions and head movements to move the chair along and keep you in-sync which helps to lessen that motion sick feeling.

For those that are serious about virtual reality this amazing gaming chair is uniquely designed to elevate your experience and bring your VR gameplay to a whole other dimension. It currently has limited availability, but if you can get your hands on one you won't be sorry!

These guys also have a ton of awesome VR accessories to go with your chair, you have to check out.

Pros: Built to enhance your gaming experience

Cons: Limited availability

Learn all about it on RotoVR’s website or check availability through Amazon.

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